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Concierge Medicine

Sandy Springs Internal Medicine is your Atlanta concierge medicine provider, offering personalized and dedicated service to our patients throughout Sandy Springs and the Atlanta area. Our mission is to provide each patient with the individualized attention they deserve and the ongoing care to keep their health at its best.

What Is Concierge Healthcare?

Concierge healthcare is a unique format of primary care and internal medicine services, and it is centered on spending more time with patients and increasing availability to our physicians. This allows patients the one-on-one physician face-time and hands-on care they need to better manage their health.

Patients pay an annual membership fee which covers their annual physical exam. Instead of constantly calculating how much each visit will cost, you pay one fee for the routine care you need.

Benefits of Concierge Healthcare

Patients with traditional primary care or internal medicine physicians frequently struggle with the fact that they wait months for an appointment, spend an hour in the waiting room before their appointment begins, and then see their doctor for only a few hurried minutes before the providers rush them out the door, regardless of whether their questions have been answered.

This is what concierge medicine seeks to change. Instead of dividing our time between thousands of patients, our providers at Sandy Springs Internal Medicine have a limited number of patients which allows us to give each person the time, attention, and care they need. In addition, because of our lighter number of patients, it becomes easier to get a timely appointment if the need arises. In fact, each patient has a direct phone number for their physician so they can get answers to any quick questions they have.

The Sandy Springs Internal Medicine Concierge Difference

Our concierge medicine practice is centered around our patients’ needs. Between skilled and experienced doctors, personalized healthcare, and predictable, stable membership fees, our concierge model allows patients throughout metro Atlanta to be proactive about their health without added stress.