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Peter W. Gutschenritter, MD

Peter-W-GutschenritterAfter attending Dartmouth College for his undergraduate degree, Dr. Gutschenritter earned his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin. Soon after, he went on to complete his residency at the Gundersen Clinic at LaCrosse Lutheran Hospital, where he served as the chief medical resident during the last year of his residency. He is certified by both the American Board of Internal Medicine as well as the American Board of Clinical Lipidology. Dr. Gutschenritter held an academic appointment at Emory University’s Medical School between 1985-1992 and has been honored with countless awards including the Patients’ Choice Award and the Best Doctors in America award.

Undergraduate Education:
BA, Dartmouth College : 1977
Cum Laude

Medical Education:
University of Wisconsin : 1982

Gundersen Clinic, LaCrosse Lutheran Hospital: Chief Medical Resident 1984-85

– Selected as a Top Doctor in Atlanta
International Association of Internists
– Selected by Best Doctors in America
2007 – present
– Winner of Patients’ Choice Award 2008
– Top Doctor in Atlanta (International Association of
Internists) 2017

Academic Appointments:
Emory University School of Medicine Clinical Faculty; Preceptor 1985-1992

Board Certifications:
American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Clinical Lipidology May 2012

Personal Testimonials
“My wife and I are participating in Dr. Gutschenritter’s Personal Healthcare practice and we are extremely happy with this program. We have instant communication with a top physician, his entire staff is very professional and we have the peace of mind in knowing immediate health care help is only a telephone call away. Our office visits have been on the same day as our request, which nips problems in the bud and the annual wellness exam is extremely comprehensive. We feel most fortunate to have access to this program.”

“Dr. Gutschenritter and his staff were very courteous and professional during my visit. I am very happy with the new program as it is geared toward one on one attention and the time is taken to adhere to my medical needs and questions. I would highly recommend this program.”

“Dr. G. (Peter) belongs to a rare breed of physicians, these days, who is always on Time, Listens to you, takes his time to Answer your questions, and is Very Pleasant to deal with. I suggest the AMA appoints him to teach physicians these qualities.”

“I love it, love it. Quick response, even on a Sunday afternoon. Appointments made promptly. Doctor is able to spend plenty of time with me. I don’t feel rushed at an exam. More like the personal medical care of years ago before the hassle of managed care. The doctor is a true partner now in my medical care – I love it!”

“Dr. Gutschenritter is 100% in every field we’ve needed to discuss. He is very patient and listens with full attention. I might feel very ill when I get there (to his office), but most of the time I already feel better once I have arrived, because of his caring ways and his discussion of any problems I am experiencing. I feel fortunate to have him as my doctor. I like the set-up of the new practice. I have been a patient of his for many years and am delighted to be a part of this new practice.”

“Dr. Gutschenritter’s new practice format provides a level of responsiveness that provides comfort and the security that my health care will be closely attended to. His intelligence, personal warmth, thoroughness and insistence on keeping up with the latest information in medical science and care, as well as pharmacology, ensures outstanding medical care.”

“It is my pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Gutschenritter’s as he embarks on “Concierge Healthcare”. Having read a recent news article about concierge healthcare’s pros and (supposed) cons, I have only great appreciation for a physician who wants to practice medicine as it was intended….before the quagmire of health industries’ rules and regulations superceded patient care.”

“Dr. Gutschenritter is a very caring physician. His practice is centered around his patients and their needs. He is competent and professional. When you visit his office you are not being driven like a herd of cattle, as with some primary care physicians and their staff.”

“The physical exam was the most thorough one I have ever had and the medical report the most comprehensive. I feel well cared for in your practice. Thank you, Doctor!”

“I’ve always had complete confidence in Dr. Gutschenritter’s medical care, but due to his overload of patients prior to October, it was not always possible to receive prompt attention by telephone or office appointments. It has been very comforting since October 2007 to know Dr. G. or his nurse can be reached to take care of your needs immediately or within a short period of time. Dr. G. can also be reached by cell phone after office hours and no longer are your emergency nighttime calls answered by an “on call” doctor, who does not know your medical history.”

“I am very pleased with the thoroughness of the care I am receiving. The USB-flash drive copy of my medical history is a security and I carry it with me on my travels.”

“Best and most thorough and sensitive physical exam I’ve ever had. After receiving my comprehensive summary, I felt a complete peace of mind. It is also satisfying to know I have as much medical history and information on me [USB flash drive], as my doctor does. That has not always been the case in years past”

“Dr. Gutschenritter has a warm sense of humor. He is down to earth and will listen to your concerns”

“Absolutely the newest and best personal care medicine available today. Within the
first several months, I have used the convenience of having easy access to the doctor to answer questions.”

“I wondered whether I’d get full value when we switched to Dr. G’s new practice (Concierge Medicine). As fate would have it, several material health questions have arisen in our first 4 months, and being able to readily talk with Dr. G. has been priceless for peace of mind and improved health care.”

“Peter’s calm and humor makes a visit to his office more like talking with a friend who happens to practice medicine. Peter is thorough in his examinations and finds the root cause of problems, but is not one to over- prescribe, or to refer patients to other doctors unless the need truly exists. His diagnoses and remedies to patient conditions, many times, are common-sense behavior or lifestyle adjustments. My health is a top priority and there is no one I trust more with my health than Peter.”

“Dr. G’s new practice is very good. He is always available. His secretary is very competent and all questions are answered promptly.”

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